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Isabel Connect is a multibanking API that allows Isabel 6 customers to access all their account info, process bank statements and initiate payment flows directly from the familiar ERP/accounting package. Fewer routine tasks, more secure and more time for your strategic role as a finance professional.


Initiate payments directly from your accounting package/ERP

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Account information – view balances and transactions with a few clicks

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Account statements – CODAs ready in the morning, automatically processed in your accounting package/ERP

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Making your finance function more strategic – cash management, budgeting, ….

The advantages of Isabel Connect


Up to date overview:

multibanking directly into your ERP/accounting package


Time gain:

automatic processing of your account statements and payment files without intervention


More secure:

no more manipulation of files, less risk of errors and fraud.


Reliable partners:

mplement yourself through your IT service or rely on one of the many integration partners or choose a package that is already fully integrated.

Software applications that link with Isabel 6 via Isabel Connect



These professional applications can be easily integrated into Isabel 6 thanks to Isabel Connect. Click on the logo of your solution for more information.


Isabel Connect integrators are ready to help you


These Isabel Connect partners have the necessary expertise and will be happy to help you streamline the integration of your ERP/accounting package with Isabel 6 and take care of your business projects. Click on the logo of your partner for more information.



Ijsfabriek Strombeek is counting on Isabel Connect


Jesper Soens, Financial Manager: “We have known about Isabel 6 for a long time and we switched to Isabel Connect at the end of 2020. This has enabled us to further optimise the processing of financial data from our banks and the automatic processing of incoming and outgoing payment orders in our SAP system. We always try to automate as much as possible the repetitive administrative tasks. Isabel Connect is an important part of this to ensure that the day-to-day monitoring of our financial transactions is carried out efficiently and securely.”

Jessa Ziekenhuis zegt ja tegen Isabel Connect

Jessa Hospital says yes to Isabel Connect


Murielle Celijowski, treasury manager at Jessa Hospital in Hasselt: “Thanks to Isabel Connect, we can be sure that financial information is correct and up-to-date at all times. An ideal scenario for treasury as we can do our work optimally and avoid any unpleasant surprises.” Petra Vanoppen, head of department: “Previously, someone from our department had to log into the Isabel 6 portal every morning. Which meant downloading the available CODA files and then manually uploading them into the ERP.” “The technical implementation went particularly smoothly together with our partner Inetum-Realdolmen,” says Pascal Mylle, ICT application officer.

Isabel Connect leidt betaalverkeer in goede banen bij Transport Gheeraert

At Gheeraert Transport, payment traffic on the right track with Isabel Connect


Bram Van Eenoo, CFO of Gheeraert Transport: “Isabel Connect means time-saving and extra security. It’s an indispensable tool for automatically downloading CODA files in a multi-company environment where you work with several banks. No more manipulations are needed or possible on payment files which makes it even more secure. Thanks to our partner GMI, the implementation went smoothly with our ERP package, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central.” (Photo: Financial Media)


Edgard & Cooper shifts gears with process automation to realise international ambitions


Edgard & Cooper CFO Christophe Willaert: “Our payment traffic and accounting processing used to take up too much time. Because Isabel Connect connects with our ERP system, we can increasingly switch from manual processes to an automated way of working. This increases efficiency and productivity in our finance team,” says Willaert, who adds that it also facilitates follow-up when someone is ill or on holiday. (source: Bloovi)

Blackdog Security en Domotica kiest voor Isabel Connect

Isabel Connect, a multi-banking engine in the ERP of Blackdog Security & Domotica


Heleen Dejonghe, head of administration and marketing at Blackdog Security and Home Automation: “We wanted to streamline our payments from our 3 banks with our ERP package AFAS. With Isabel Connect our bank statements arrive automatically and our payments to suppliers leave on time without hundreds of manual transfers. This saves us a lot of time so that we can focus fully on the aftercare of our customers which continues unabated day and night.”

Invest.BW: 1 hour of time saved per day and less chance of errors


Corinne Estiévenart, deputy director Invest BW: “Our goal was to automate incoming account statements and secure payment processing from Odoo to Isabel 6. Thanks to Isabel Connect, our companies have reduced their repetitive tasks. Our accountant gains at least 45 minutes to 1 hour a day and, importantly, there is less risk of errors.”

sthirionrounded new

Isabel Connect has improved our efficiency, security and user-experience


Stéphane Thirion, Head of Finance at SWDE: “We had employees who were spending a large part of their day just uploading and booking account statements and preparing payments. A monotonous and time-consuming activity with no added value. We needed to be more efficient.” Enter Isabel Connect. “This solution saves us a lot of time and gives us a much higher level of control and performance, while reducing the stress associated with manual processing. I don’t know of any similar product in Belgium.”

lotus bakeries

Lotus Bakeries discovers the benefits of embedded banking


“It used to take a lot of time to manually upload the payment proposals for all our entities into Isabel 6. With Isabel Connect, this is fully automated,” says Annelies Santens, Director Treasury & Risk Management at Lotus Bakeries. “It not only saves us time, but also allows us to focus on tasks that add more value.” Santens is also pleased with the integration process itself: “We had a very smooth implementation, and there was very little training required for the staff, as the system is very user-friendly.”

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arrow down What does Isabel Connect cost?

The standard price is 20 EUR/month with your existing Isabel 6 subscription. For most Isabel 6 customers, this will suffice. Customers with exceptionally large numbers of accounts will then pay an additional rate. You can implement Isabel Connect yourself via your IT service or rely on one of the many integration partners or choose a package that is already fully integrated. Rate Card Isabel Connect

arrow down How does it differ from Isabel Go?

Isabel Connect works fully automatically, with the latest API technology and is actually the successor to Isabel Go. Isabel Go works semi-automatically, especially with on-premise accounting packages.

arrow down How do I get started with Isabel Connect?

Talk to an Isabel expert about it by filling in the contact form and we will help you get started.