Isabel Connect

The multi-banking engine in your business application

Frederiek Vanpeteghem, finance manager at Alertis, shows how Isabel Connect enabled them to significantly simplify their financial processes. In collaboration with their partner XAMS, they linked their MS Dynamics Navision environment directly to the Isabel 6 platform, so that the collection and processing of CODA files is now fully automated. Faster, more efficient, more secure.

This is Isabel Connect!

Create payment requests

Create payment requests in your business application and authorize them in Isabel 6

Statement files

Automatically import statement files (CODA) with rich account information

Consult Account Balance

Consult your account balance and monitor your cash position in your ERP

Query movements

Query movements on a selected account, setting a specific timeframe

Previously, two persons were manually copying information between our Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and Isabel 6 almost all day long. Isabel Connect brought a major shift in their workload: less hassle and more time to focus on the real challenges.

Tom Van der Aa
ICT manager, ESAS

UZ Leuven processes an average of 50,000 payments per day. Thanks to Isabel Connect, patients now receive correct payment reminders. Even if they have paid their invoice at the last minute, we have the updated information in our ERP system.

Leo Denissen
Head of logistics software development, UZ Leuven

The 4 main benefits of Isabel Connect


Run your core banking processes without leaving the familiar environment of your ERP or accounting application.


Get immediate insight in your cash position across multiple aggregated bank accounts – right from your business application.

Less risk of fraud

This automation reduces the risk of human error or fraud when reading payment files.

Efficient & scalable

Isabel Connect lets you combine several payments in one payment order, directly from your accounting system. Your bank statements are imported automatically every day.

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