Isabel 6 is made for seamless and
entirely secure collaboration

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  • Create reports and send them to colleagues
  • Share beneficiaries with other users
  • Define roles & mandates for initiating & signing payments
  • Tailored to your internal processes
Everybody has their own tasks such as checking accounts, entering, signing, and sending payments to the bank. Not everybody is in the office all the time when larger amounts need to be signed. So, you will benefit most from a solution that makes this entire workflow run smoothly, quickly, and securely.

Free Isabel 6 online demo

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The 5 advantages of Collaboration

Overview and control

Isabel 6 streamlines the process of entering, signing, and sending payments. It allows effortless processing of account information and CODA files from all your banks. Moreover, you decide what information which employees may consult and what actions they can take.

Efficiency and convenience

Once you have assigned responsibilities to particular employees and defined the correct transaction flow, you will be managing your payments extremely efficiently. For example, when you as a manager or responsible party delegate all the preparatory work, you will only need to place the final signature.


Isabel 6 allows you to sign your transactions anywhere, anytime. Even if you are on a business trip or holidays. You will simply receive an e-mail notification when your signature is required. Even payments that require multiple signatures (e.g. both the CEO and the CFO) can be taken care of in no time.


Payments need to be able to go through at all times, even if a colleague is stuck in a traffic jam, off sick, or on holidays. Moreover, you should also be able to delegate time-consuming tasks with full confidence. And new employees must be able to find their way through the procedures quickly. All this is possible with Isabel 6.


Each user logs in with their own unique Isabel Smartcard. The activities of all users are closely monitored in detailed audit trails. This ensures that you always comply with legislation.

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Thanks to the extensive rights management in Isabel 6, the manager of the business can decide himself/herself who’s allowed to see what and who can prepare which payments. However, his/her signature is always required. Which means he/she can delegate tasks, yet always keep control. Four eyes are better than two – and they also reduce the risk of errors. A well-structured “multiple-user approach” ensures continuity when someone arrives late, in busy periods and during holidays and illness.

Everyone has their own job to do when it comes to payments in a business: preparing, signing and checking payments.

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Isabel 6 is made for working with others and the optional MultiSign module will help you to do just that. Use it to ask other people to sign payments (on their computer or yours) and the beneficiaries you enter only have to be entered once to be shared with other colleagues.