Isabel 6, the tool for everyone

From payment administrators
and accountants to CEOs / CFOs

Isabel 6 is useful for any company that performs frequent transactions across multiple banks. Or, maybe you’re looking for better collaboration within the team or seamless integration with your bookkeeping software?

Then, we have great news: everyone, from the small business owner to the CFO of a large multinational, can benefit from Isabel 6.

For the CFO
who wants to increase efficiency

Are you a corporate CFO who wants to focus on keeping a strategic overview and maximizing efficiency? Then secure online multibanking platform Isabel 6 is the tool for you.

Case study

Logistics company Eutraco
keeps its finances on track with Isabel 6

Transport and logistics company Eutraco from Roeselare is quickly expanding. Luckily, it can count on Isabel 6 to keep its internal operations on the right track.

“In our business, effectively monitoring our cash flow is crucial. Thanks to Isabel 6, our finance team is able to keep close track of all payment transactions across six different banks. We even receive a status overview of all our accounts several times a day. What’s more, both incoming and outgoing payments are integrated into our bookkeeping package. All of this saves us several hours of work each month and allows us to concentrate our efforts on other tasks within the finance department. Benefits all around!”

Kristof Callens
CFO, Eutraco



Number of banks


Colleagues that use Isabel 6

Main advantage of Isabel 6:
all banks combined on a single platform,
one card, bookkeeping software integrated in the interface




Transport and logistics

The advantages of Isabel 6
for CEOs / CFOs

An eagle-eye view

Delegate tasks and responsibilities to specific team members while maintaining complete control, thanks to precise process flows and detailed audit trails.

Full financial insight

Keep close track of your company’s financial health. Connect Isabel 6 to your ERP or bookkeeping software in order to get in-depth looks at turnover and profit margins .

End-to-end automation

Financial flows between your ERP and Isabel 6 can be fully automated, both for payments and for CODA files. No more manual intervention required, which increases security and saves you time and money!

Strict security

Isabel 6 is the most secure way to conduct financial transactions. What’s more, Isabel 6 guarantees full compliance and traceability, so your company is always ready for an audit.

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For the accountant
in search of an effortless overview

Are you an accountant who wants to be in control of every financial detail, all of the time, but without unnecessarily wasting all of YOUR time? Then, you’re going to love online multibanking  platform Isabel 6. Never lose track of your payments again!

Case study

Vanhout: “Isabel 6 is rock-solid”

Construction company Vanhout is active in a wide range of projects, from care facilities, office buildings, residential projects, and swimming pools to industrial production units. You name it, they likely build it. And Isabel 6 forms a rock-solid foundation for the company’s finance department.

“For the daily management of our bank accounts, we rely entirely on the professionalism and stability of Isabel 6. As we hold more than 100 accounts at six different banks, the Isabel 6 platform is the reliable and innovative tool we need to manage our daily finances without worries. The best part to me, as an intensive user, is that it welcomes suggestions for product improvement. Vanhout Group and Isabel 6 is a steadfast collaboration.”

Paul Van Cantfort
Assistant accountant, Vanhout



Number of banks


Colleagues that use Isabel 6

Main advantage of Isabel 6:
one central location for
all corporate banking information





Advantages of Isabel 6 for accountants

Always in control

Keep a bird’s eye view of all your accounts and transactions, thanks to the clear and easy-to-navigate interface.

Better cooperation

Improve teamwork and adopt a lean way of working by assigning everyone a clear role. With Isabel 6, your workload becomes more manageable through clearly defined and automated workflows.

Improved service

Thanks to the automated processes of Isabel 6, there will be fewer mistakes and no more missed deadlines – which makes for happy customers and a happy accountant!

Automated and customized reporting

Receive automated and personalized reports each morning to start your workflow. With the insights from Isabel 6’s reports, you can offer better advice that’s based on real-time numbers.

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For the payment administrator
who wants to be the best at their job

Are you a payment administrator looking for the best possible administrative finance tool? The secure online multibanking platform Isabel 6 is what you need.

Case study

Full steam ahead with payments at Laundry Gilberte

Laundry Gilberte in Kontich is a third-generation family business founded in 1949 that employs 23 people.

“We were one of the first users of Isabel 6 and cannot recommend it enough. It’s an incredibly useful platform, particularly when you work with different banks. It’s both a timesaver and a lifesaver! Switching from one bank account to another only takes a few seconds, and the search function allows you to quickly retrieve any transaction you want. For the past year, we have also been using Isabel’s CODA files service to send our bank files directly to our bookkeeper. One less thing for us to worry about!”

Kristel Carpentier
Administrator, Laundry Gilberte



Number of banks


Colleagues that use Isabel 6

Main advantage of Isabel 6:
it frees up extra time




laundry service

The advantages of Isabel 6
for payment administrators

Never miss a deadline

Automate your payments across multiple accounts and receive detailed reports whenever you log in. No mistakes, no missed deadlines, no worries. With Isabel 6, you’ll never lose track of your tasks again!

One tool for all your bank accounts

Isabel 6 can be fully integrated with all your bookkeeping software. You only need one login to access all your corporate bank accounts, and everyone can easily be assigned their tasks for an optimal workflow. Financial administration has never been simpler or more secure.

User-friendly interface

With Isabel 6’s personalized and easy-to-use interface, you decide what’s important for your job. What’s more, the tool is so simple that no training is required to get started. Use the wizards to accomplish complex transactions with ease, reduce human error and work blisteringly fast. Customize which accounts and information you see first and never waste unnecessary time on irrelevant information again.

Work together efficiently

Collaborating as a team has never been easier. Isabel 6 supports multiple users per subscription, allowing colleagues to work together efficiently while referring to the same data. That way, you’re always sure everything gets covered, even when your colleague is on holiday leave.

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What people say about Isabel 6

Marina Coolman
Administrative assistant, School Gravenbos

“Working with @Isabel6 is a breeze! I use it every day to check the status of our bank accounts and upload CODA files directly to our bookkeeping software. It always gives me a clear overview. An indispensable tool!”

Martine Jones
Owner, Misty Meadows

“The consolidated overview, intuitive interface and bundled access to all our bank accounts across multiple banks really makes @Isabel6 stand out. And if I do have questions, the helpdesk is always there to quickly provide me with the answer. I never have to worry!”

Lieve Myvis
CEO, Kristal Logistics

“Processing all my payments and invoices used to take at least half a day per month. With @Isabel6, I can finish the job in an hour. It saves me so much time!”

Christine Plasmans
Financial director, Mazda Motor Logistics Europe

“Our office processes all payments we make within the European market. Thanks to @Isabel6, it’s a piece of cake. The best part? The tool allows three of our finance colleagues to work on more complex bookkeeping issues instead of entering payment files through various banking applications.”

Koen Lapauw
Owner, Capito

“In the past, we would spend half a day each month manually duplicating paper bank statements. Now, putting them into the system only takes a few minutes a day, thanks to @Isabel6. I usually take care of it while I’m put on hold on the phone, to make the most of my time.”

Davy Peirsman
Payments administrator & supervisor Debet Control, Euronics

“Without @Isabel6 and its CODA services, it would take up to five people to do my job. For me, losing the efficiency I have gained with Isabel 6 would be unthinkable.”

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