Facility company Netto Group integrates Odoo and Isabel 6 through Isabel Connect

Close monitoring of incoming and outgoing payments is crucial

Netto Group is a facility services provider that companies can turn to for all possible maintenance and cleaning work, including cleaning after calamities, maintenance of parking spaces, etc.

Netto Group currently uses the ERP solution Odoo and Isabel 6 as ebanking solution.

Samir Messaoudi, CEO of Netto Group: “While we are experiencing a strong double-digit growth of about 25% per year, our activity is typically sensitive to irregular payments. Therefore, we really needed a close monitoring of the financial flow.”

In order to follow up on incoming and outgoing payments in the most efficient way, an integration between Odoo and Isabel 6 was the way to go.

Odoo Partner SnelDev realized the integration between Isabel 6 and the ERP solution Odoo via the Isabel Connect module. This enables Netto Group to manage payments and reporting on incoming payments, directly from the ERP application Odoo.

The advantages of Isabel 6
for CFOs / CEOs

An eagle-eye view

Delegate tasks and responsibilities to specific team members while maintaining complete control, thanks to precise process flows and detailed audit trails.

Full financial insight

Keep close track of your company’s financial health. Connect Isabel 6 to your ERP or bookkeeping software in order to get in-depth looks at turnover and profit margins.

End-to-end automation

Financial flows between your ERP and Isabel 6 can be fully automated, both for payments and for CODA files. No more manual intervention required, which increases security and saves you time and money!

Complete security

Isabel 6 is the most secure way to conduct financial transactions. What’s more, we can guarantee complete compliancy and traceability, so your company is always ready for an audit.

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Antwerp ZOO counts on Isabel 6 too

Antwerp ZOO is an Isabel client from the very beginning. A remarkable story of a motivated finance team behind the Antwerp ZOO, Planckendael ZOO, Serpentarium ZOO, and the concert hall and convention facilities of the Elisabeth Center Antwerp.

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What people say about Isabel 6

Martine Jones
Owner, Misty Meadows

“The consolidated overview, intuitive interface and bundled access to all our bank accounts across multiple banks really makes @Isabel6 stand out. And if I do have questions, the helpdesk is always there to quickly provide me with the answer. I never have to worry!”

Lieve Myvis
CEO, Kristal Logistics

“Processing all my payments and invoices used to take at least half a day per month. With @Isabel6, I can finish the job in an hour. It saves me so much time!”

Christine Plasmans
Financial director, Mazda Motor Logistics Europe

“Our office processes all payments we make within the European market. Thanks to @Isabel6, it’s a piece of cake. The best part? The tool allows three of our finance colleagues to work on more complex bookkeeping issues instead of entering payment files through various banking applications.”

Koen Lapauw
Owner, Capito

“In the past, we would spend half a day each month manually duplicating paper bank statements. Now, putting them into the system only takes a few minutes a day, thanks to @Isabel6. I usually take care of it while I’m put on hold on the phone, to make the most of my time.”

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