As a centralised digital b2b banking platform, we at Isabel 6 are always looking for ways of lightening your business administration load. That’s why we’re pleased to be taking a closer look at the e-Box for businesses this week. In particular, did you know that you can also manage your business-related documents on a central platform?

What is the e-Box for businesses?

The e-Box for businesses is a secure electronic mailbox that enables social security institutions to send documents and messages to businesses – and vice versa. This not only speeds up admin, but also reduces the paper mountain. For a summary of the documents available (in Dutch and French) in your e-Box for businesses here.


How do I access the e-Box for businesses?

Starting to work with the e-Box for businesses is relatively straightforward:

  1. Register your business at the social security portal.
  2. Once registered, the Main Access Manager for your business will receive two e-mails: one with the user name, the other with the password. This person is then responsible for the account management of his or her business and can also add other users via the online ‘Access Management for Businesses and Organisations’ service. 
  3. The Main Access Manager logs on for the first time and activates the services that your company wishes to use, such as Dimona, which you can use to declare the beginning and end of a person’s employment. For that to happen, an e-Box is created automatically, which is placed under the control of an Access Manager. That may be the Main Access Manager or another user appointed by the Main Access Manager.
  4. The Access Manager for an e-Box grants his or her work colleagues user rights and determines what each user is allowed to access.


How does the e-Box for businesses work?

The e-Box for businesses enables you to process your business-related documents paperlessly – which makes things a good deal easier. For that to happen, you need to go through these steps:

  1. You lodge a request or declaration via the portal.
  2. This request or declaration is sent to the relevant government institution.
  3. That institution then processes the request or declaration.
  4. You are given a task, proof of receipt for the application used or a document with the data entered in your e-Box.
  5. You can view, print or download the documents received or deal with the task

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