B2B payments

With just one login, Isabel 6 gives you access to all your accounts at more than 25 banks.

The benefits of Isabel 6 for your organisation

Isabel 6 makes managing your financial transactions a piece of cake.


Isabel 6 provides access to all your accounts at 26 Belgian banks, download all CODA files and initiate group payments via one single multibanking platform.


Isabel 6 can be fully integrated into your existing accounting package and ERP system. Prevent routine work and use payment and CODA files to boost efficiency.


Efficient collaboration with your finance colleagues. Isabel 6 lets you share beneficiaries and enter payments, and allows the CFO or manager to sign immediately where necessary.

Compliance & security

Multibanking platform Isabel 6 complies with all financial rules and legislation. Moreover, all transactions are fully traceable and, of course, entirely safe.

One tool for everyone

For the payment administrator
  • All the support you need is at your disposal, from wizards to a professional helpdesk
  • Complete complex transactions at blistering speed and reduce human errors
  • Work together effortlessly by sharing data and responsibilities
  • Quick access to all your vital financial information, thanks to the user-friendly interface

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For the accountant
  • Consolidated overview of the company’s financial position
  • Stay continuously up to date on the status of all payments and transactions
  • Personalized and automated reporting options
  • Smooth integration with your bookkeeping software

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For the CEO / CFO
  • Full compliance with all financial regulations and complete traceability
  • Increased efficiency within your organization through process automation
  • Guaranteed watertight security for all your transactions and financial information
  • Consolidated overview of the company’s financial position

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What does it look like?

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For great companies
of any size

Isabel 6 is useful for any company that performs frequent transactions across multiple banks or wants to benefit from easier collaboration.

Everyone, from the small business owner to the CEO/CFO of a large multinational, can benefit.

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Fully integrated
with bookkeeping software

Isabel 6 is compatible with nearly all bookkeeping software available in Belgium, from SAP and Oracle to small, custom-built tools. If it’s compatible with FEBELFIN standards, it’s compatible with Isabel 6!

All your bank accounts at your fingertips

Always have easy and immediate access to all your accounts across multiple banks and financial institutions.

Video – Isabel 6 at a glance

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