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Isabel 6 is an advanced online payment system that lets you access your corporate accounts at over 25 banks from a single platform. Isabel 6 offers you a consolidated view of your financial position and allows you to process the simplest and the most complex payment tasks. Thanks to seamless links with your accounting and ERP package and the possibility of delegating tasks in complete safety, Isabel 6 increases the efficiency and security of your company’s financial processes.

For as little as 25 euros per month, you gain access to a professional multibank payment solution with the highest security. Depending on your needs, you can supplement the basic package with optional modules which you can activate or deactivate, effective immediately. Each user within the subscription determines the modules they want to use.

Currently there are 26 banks and payment institutions affiliated with Isabel 6. Almost all Belgian banks participate. Check the full list.

Isabel 6 offers you a unique and standardized channel to exchange both payment files and reporting files (CODA, MT94X, CAMT) with all your banks. Some packages even offer semi or fully automatic integration, so that manual intervention is no longer necessary.

Starting with Isabel 6 is easy, just fill in the application form on our website. We will guide you through the administrative steps needed to set up your subscription. Your banks will play an important role in this, so take into account the 2 to 3 weeks of lead time between your initial request and the full activation of your subscription.

Only the banks are authorised to do so. They ensure that each user has the correct clearance to consult account information and to enter and/or sign payments. It is also possible to set limits and add the requirement to have certain transactions signed by two or more people.


  • Isabel is a bank-independent payment platform.
  • Isabel 6 is a multi-bank solution created by and for professionals.
  • With just one simple login procedure, you can access all your banks.
  • One simple and powerful interface ensures a homogeneous user experience.
  • Isabel offers you one standard channel for exchanging all payment and reporting files (CODA, MT94X, CAMT).
  • Isabel offers several solutions to automate the exchange of your payment and reporting files.
  • A detailed audit trail is generated for all your transactions.

Our security is based on a personal Isabel card and a custom Isabel card reader that both rely on the most advanced technology. Both banks and the Belgian government trust our security for user authentication and the authorization of business-to-business transactions.

Definitely! Isabel 6 helps you maintain an overview of all your business accounts on a bank-independent platform, avoid red tape and save time by integrating Isabel 6 with your bookkeeping package. Depending on your needs, you can supplement the basic package with optional modules without having to break the bank.

Isabel 6 is designed for PC and Mac. You can also download a free mobile app that allows you to consult account information via your smartphone and tablet.

This depends on the number of people who will use the system. But for safety reasons, we recommend  requesting at least 2 cards. That way, larger payments can be signed by multiple users, reducing the chance of errors or fraud.

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