Monitor and protect your online payments

The Isabel 6 e-book, on the way to watertight secured online payments

All it can take to activate a virus is simply opening an attachment – or even just previewing an e-mail. There are unfortunately enough countless ways to breach financial transactions. Make no mistake about it: hackers have their sights on not only large multinationals – small companies too are increasingly the victim of this form of e-crime.

e-book security in payments

In this book you will find out more about

  • Cybercrime: Where does the danger come from?
  • Malware: Where is the weak link?
  • Fraud: Don’t get manipulated.
  • What to do in case of fraud?
  • Prevention: Limit the risks.

Prevention is still the best cure. Stay a step ahead of cybercriminals. Download this e-book now!

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Monitor and protect your online payments