Use Isabel 6 to automate your
payment processes and save time

How much will Isabel cost me?
  • Integrate with your accounting software or ERP application
  • Initiate payments directly from your business application
  • Safely import CODA files into your business application
The administrative processing of your payment transactions is very time-consuming. Isabel 6 works with your accounting software and seamlessly complements existing functionalities. You choose the level of integration: from manual uploading of payment files to full automation with Isabel Go and Isabel Connect, it’s all possible. As a result, your employees have more time to concentrate on their core tasks.

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The 3 advantages of Integration & Automation

More convenience thanks to payment files

You create your own electronic file of payments to be made and upload it to Isabel 6. Isabel 6 uses the data that you entered in your package, such as beneficiaries, account numbers, amounts, messages, memo dates, etc. This makes routine work a thing of the past.

More control thanks to CODA files

Each day, you receive CODA files, which are electronic account statements that you can automatically read with your accounting package. Saving you time. Your accounting package and Isabel 6 do all the work for you.

Isabel Go & Isabel Connect: Multibanking within your business application

Isabel Go (on-premise) and Isabel Connect (online) supplement your ERP, accounting, or business applications with the multibanking functionalities of Isabel 6. You no longer need to leave your business application to upload payment orders, check your balance, or see detailed information about your banking transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A payment file is simply an electronic list of a series of payments to be made. You can create a payment file using your accountancy package or ERP system.  The file is then uploaded in its entirety to Isabel 6 so that you no longer have to enter each individual payment manually. Jump off the treadmill! Payment files are drawn up using a standard defined by Febelfin and supported by all Belgian banks. You can use them for both national and international payments, as well as for direct debit collections.

A coded day statement is an electronic file containing detailed information about all transactions on your Belgian accounts. The advantage: lightning-fast processing in your accounts package, saving you lots of time. CODA is not just for large companies, but for SMEs as well. Accounting packages can be reconciled smartly, too, without structured messages.

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Virtually all (Belgian) accounts packages and ERP systems use Febelfin standards that are also used in Isabel 6. This means we are compatible with 99% of the accounting software used in Belgium. The optional Isabel Go and Isabel Connect modules are compatible with specific packages. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact your software provider.

Save up to half a day a week in time and cut back on the number of processing errors.

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