Compliance –
always fully in line with legislation thanks to Isabel 6

  • Isabel 6 smartcard accredited for secure access to eGov applications
  • Audit trail function shows all steps in the lifecycle of a transaction
  • Active monitoring of suspicious transactions

Each Isabel 6 user receives a digital certificate containing personal data and a personal password, linked to his/her Isabel SmartCard. Each Isabel digital signature guarantees the authenticity of the person using it, as well as the integrity of the exchanged messages. You have the guarantee that nothing was edited during sending.

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The importance of compliancy

Entirely safe

Isabel 6 lets you access all your bank accounts via one secure login using the Isabel SmartCard. The multiple authorisation option makes even large transactions entirely safe.

100% traceable

All payments or other transactions via Isabel 6 are fully traceable. As a result, your company is always prepared for internal or external audits.

Prevent fraud

Don’t give phishing, CEO fraud, and other malpractice a chance. The four-eyes principle of Isabel 6 minimises the risk of fraud or human error in your financial transactions. The platform offers the option to have several signatories for transactions.

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All actions in the Isabel 6 application are documented in detail. Anyone who has made a payment, at what time, who signed and who sent the transaction. Each user is identified with his/her personal Isabel card, which means it is possible to take a close look afterwards at whatever he or she has done.

Yes, because everyone is responsible for what he/she creates and signs in Isabel 6. But never pass cards to each other.

Isabel sets the bar very high when it comes to security. But you can also help to make it secure to work in Isabel 6.

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