More and more of our data is password-protected. But managing these passwords is an entirely different matter. Yes, they have to be complicated enough, yes, they have to be changed regularly and, yes, it is best to choose a different password for each account. This article tells you how to do all this efficiently and safely.

1. Choose a sentence as your password

Passwords often have to meet the wildest requirements. You are asked to use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, figures and characters. And you mustn’t use them in more than one position. Not quite feasible. And it is not necessarily safer either: decrypting 8 characters, whether it’s a collection of the aforementioned characters or not, takes less than a second.

Fortunately, there is a more elegant solution: make your password longer. Cracking a password of 14 or even 26 characters requires a lot more power. Does the mere thought of such a long series of numbers, letters and ampersands make you shudder? Not necessary. After all, your password does not have to be a nonsense text: simply choose a sentence as your password. Easy to remember, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters and – possibly – very long.


2. Use two-step verification

Another way of adding extra protection to your accounts is two-step verification. By adding a double authentication, you add an extra security layer. Your user name and password are no longer enough for hackers to get to your data. To log in to Isabel 6, for example, you not only need your login data, but also your Isabel 6 card and card reader.


3. Call in the help of a password manager

Password managers, digital storage areas for all your passwords, have become increasingly popular over the years. Many free options are available that are easy to use and integrate. The LastPass application even has a plug-in on Google Chrome and offers the possibility to automatically enter passwords on trusted devices.

The key question of course is: is a password manager reliable? On the one hand, an impact of a successful attack on this collection of passwords is very big. On the other hand, the passwords you use will be safer because you no longer have to remember separate passwords. And not unimportant: professional password managers such as LastPass are particularly well protected.

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