Meet Isabel 6,
the multibanking revolution

The tool that lets you complete all your
company’s banking transactions on one platform

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Here’s how it works:

The building blocks of Isabel 6

It’s not just one feature that makes Isabel 6
such a multibanking revolution. The list goes on and on:

One safe login

One safe login to access all your corporate bank accounts. Each user in the subscription gets quick access to consolidated financial information across all your banks.

An easy-to-use and personalized interface

Whether you enter or upload payments, create reports or use the system mainly to sign transactions, you can adapt your Isabel 6 interface to suit your personal needs.


Isabel 6 is fully compliant with all existing financial rules and regulations. What’s more, it ensures that all your transactions are completely traceable in case of an external audit.

Secure payments thanks to multi-authorization

Mitigate the risk of fraud and human error in large payment transactions. With MultiSign, you can set up a process that requires authorization in the form of two or more separate signatures.

A clear overview

Always have a comprehensive overview thanks to the Isabel 6 mobile app. Using a desktop? In that case, you also have easy access to all your corporate accounts across multiple banks.

A vast array of payment options

Single or grouped payments, SEPA and international credit transfers, SEPA direct debits, payment files using all major standards, from simple to the most complex transactions, Isabel 6 covers all your payment needs.

Share information between users

Improve collaboration and streamline your internal workflows. Share beneficiaries across all users and automatically send notifications to users who need to sign payments for approval.

Full bookkeeping and ERP integration

Exchange payment and CODA files between Isabel 6 and your bookkeeping package with the push of a button, thanks to the Isabel Go extension. No more manual input required!

Online and offline reporting

Receive personalized and automated reports every morning. For a more in-depth analysis, download comprehensive account information, draw up detailed reports with historical data and export them to Excel or PDF for perfect compliance and traceability.

Integrated with specific bank applications

If for any reason you need to access a specific banking environment, Isabel 6 easily links through via a button on the interface.

And this is what Isabel 6 looks like!

  • Execute domestic, European (SEPA) and international payments
  • Consult transactions
  • Create reports
  • Upload payment files
  • … and so much more!

Discover how these features benefit CEOs,
CFOs, administrators and accountants.

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